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We understand how important quality is to you. Our sputter process has been designed to deposit ultra-clean metal and dielectric films. All wafer processing, including metal deposition, is performed inside our class 100 clean-room. An in-situ RF etch is added to the process to insure good film adhesion and ohmic contact to underlying conductive layers.

In addition to an In-situ RF etch, we can provide an HF-dip just prior to sputtering aluminum and aluminum alloy films. Adding this additional step can further increase ohmic contact between layers.

Sputtered metal deposition is an omni-directional process. For this reason, sputter deposition is not a good candidate for Lift-Off processing. If you are interested in metal for Lift-Off processing please see our E-beam evaporation metals page.

All sputter films are available on silicon wafers sizes up to 300mm in diameter. We can also provide sputtered films on non-silicon materials, including quartz and glass wafers. We offer a wide variety of sputtered non-precious metals, dielectric films, and silicon. Precious metals are available for E-Beam evaporation.

  • High purity Gold (Au) Target Purity 4N
  • High purity Silver (Ag) Target Purity 4N
  • High purity Platinum (Pt) Target Purity:3N5 and 4N
  • High purity Aluminum (Al) Target Purity 4N, 5N and 5N5
  • High purity Copper (Cu) Target 4N5 and 6N
  • High purity Titanium (Ti) Target Purity: 2N7 and 4N5
  • High purity Nickel (Ni) Target Purity: 3N5 and 4N5
  • High purity Tantalum (Ta) Target Purity: 3N5 and 4N5
  • High purity Tungsten (W) Target Purity: 3N5
  • Molybdenum (Mo) Target Purity: 3N5
  • High purity Silicon (Si) Target Purity: 4N, 5N and 6N
  • High purity Graphite (C) Target Purity: 4N and 5N
  • High purity Chromium (Cr) Target Purity: 3N5 and 3N8
  • Magnesium (Mg) Target Purity: 3N5
  • Germanium (Ge) Target Purity: 5N and 6N

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