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What are Silicon Wafer Flats?

Since Silicon Wafers look basically the same! Flats are cut into the edge of the wafers so users could determine the wafer's dopant-type and orientation.

float zone silicon wafer carrier

Below is an example of silicon wafers flat specs:

Spec. 2" 3" 100mm 125mm 150mm 200mm 300mm
Diameter 2.000+/-.015"
100+/-.5mm 125+/-.5mm 150+/-.2mm 200+/-.2mm 300+/-.2mm
Thicknes s 0.011+/-.001" 279+/-25um 0.015+/-.001" 381+/-25um 525+/-20 um or 625+/-20um 625+/-20um 675+/-20um or 625+/-15um 725+/-20um 775+/-20um
Primary Flat Length 0.625+/-.065" 15.88+/-1.65mm 0.875+/-.125" 22.22+/-3.17mm 32.5+/-2.5mm 42.5+/-2.5 57.5+/-2.5mm Notch Notch
Secondar y Flat Length 0.315+/-.065" 8+/-1.65mm 0.44+/-.06" 11.18+/-1.52mm 18.0+/-2.0mm 27.5+/-2.5 37.5+/-2.5mm
Primary Flat Location {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg. {110}+/-1 deg.

But flats are not a universal standard. You can order any silicon ingot and have the plant cut any type of flat out of the wafer. So P/Boron (100) Silicon Wafers may have just one flat such as Silicon item #452.

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