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Silicon on Insulator Wafers

Diced Silicon on Insulator Wafers

We specialize in Small quantities orders!

Expensive Soitec SOISOITEC SOI Wafers and Simox SOI wafers DICED into small and affordable pieces!

Bonded SOI Wafers made to order in small quantiles and short lead times.

We work with several SOI manufacturers to provide small quantities of SOI to you. Whole wafers and diced pieces available at a deep discount

For example we have a potential order for 50 of the following:

  • 100mm P/B (100) 500um 10-20 ohm-cm Prime Grade
  • Device 340nm
  • Oxide 1,000nm

The manufacturer's minimum quantity is 50 wafers. But you only need say 1-3 wafers. We could potential buy 50 and sell you just a few at a very reasonable cost.

Other diameters such as 150mm is also possible. IF this interests you, please let us know. Or fill out the form below and let us know which specs you need!

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