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Optical Sapphire

Optical Sapphire Wafer and Cassette

Sapphire wafers are used in teh optoelectronics and microelectronic industries. Unlike less expensive Silicon, Sapphire wafers are used as insulator. Sapphire's Advantages over other substrates include:

  • High working temperature
  • Good thermal conductivitity
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Low dielectric loss
  • Excellent light transmission.

Sapphire wafers applications include:

  • Used for Blue LED manufacturing
  • High TC superconductor
  • Microwave IC applications
  • Mechanical parts and vacuum equipment
  • UV and optics

UniversityWafer, Inc's Sapphire wafers are availble in all orientation including:

  • R-axis
  • C-axis
  • A-axis
  • M-axis.

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